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münchen and more pt. ii (nürnberg)

December 12, 2010

So on Sunday morning Isabelle brought me to Nuremburg with a couple of her friends to visit Germany’s FIRST EVER Christmas market!!! Which really means the WORLD’S FIRST EVER CHRISTMAS MARKET!!! But before that we had a traditional Bavarian breakfast: sausages with sweet mustard, pretzels and a wheat beer! So delicious. I got my food last but finished it first. I was still hungry. I’m not ashamed.

Part of a balanced breakfast

Enjoying the spread 🙂

Anyway, after our wonderful breakfast, to Nuremburg we went! Wow. I was in awe of Munich’s Christmas markets, but this was even more intense. As soon as we stepped foot into the market, lovely fluffy snowflakes started falling, a brass band started playing Christmas carols and there was a Christmas LAAMA!!! I don’t even know how that’s relevant in any way but it was there and it was amazing!

Entrance to the most Christmassy place on Earth!

Christmas Laama

In Nuremburg I found so many wonderful Christmas decorations (and pretty much everything, including food, at this market was cheaper than the ones in Munich). I haven’t felt more Christmassy in ages, if ever! I was surrounded by all things Christmas and not only that everyone around was in such a good, cheery mood. It was almost (as we all thought) TOO HAPPY! BUT NO. I could never say that. It was amazing and lovely and I felt all warm inside (although my toes were frozen and wet). Man, after Christmas celebrations in Germany I don’t know how anything else could ever compare.

Plum people!

Miniature village


I got my Christmas decoration fill here. Some ornaments and candles and vintage tins full of gingerbread… Just thinking about it makes me smile!

Once we left Nuremburg, we went back to Isabelle’s to set up her new decorations, including a windmill candle holder (I’m sure it has a proper name). It’s so cool. You light candles at the bottom and the hot air causes the windmill at the top to spin! Adorable 🙂 Then we did some other crafts and Christmas arrangements. Finally we lit Isabelle’s advent wreath!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Lighting the wreath!

AHHHH I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH!!! I CAN’T GET OVER IT!!! So glad it’s just the beginning of December and I have a lot more time to celebrate! WOOOOOOOO! K just need to get it out of my system… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH CHRISTMAS! Ok that’s enough.



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